Family Values?

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Greg Chaney has declared war on the conservatives in our party.

In a letter to the judge, Greg's mom said that he is angry, volatile, reckless, mood, and needs a psychological evaluation. She said he was terminated from the Nampa Police Department and the Marine Reserves.

Sources: UncoverDC and Boise Leaks

Should elected representatives treat those in their party and those they say they represent like this?

Does Greg Chaney represent the people or special interests?

Follow the money!

Chaney has taken money from big tobacco, the real estate industry, and the power industry. He has also taken campaign contributions from big Pharma! Watch the votes.

Some notable donors:*

  • Pfizer
  • Scott Bedke - The Speaker of the House (Top 6 Donor)
  • John McGee for Senate
  • Idaho Education Association
  • Idaho Association of Realtors
  • Altria (Big Tobacco)
  • Idaho Bankers Association
  • Idaho Association of General Contractors
  • Idaho Trial Lawyers Association

His top donating industries:*

  • Lawyers & Lobbyists
  • Insurance
  • Gambling & Casinos
  • Real Estates
  • Tobacco Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals


In 2021, Greg Chaney endorsed John McGee for Caldwell City Council which was a headscratcher due to McGee's sexual/criminal past, until we found out that McGee has previously donated to Chaney's campaign.

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